Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 Weeks....

It is only 3 weeks until the day I leave for Phoenix, then from there I will be going on to Maui on August 26th. It is really hard for me to endure this whole waiting period, considering I've known I was going almost a year ago. I'm not very good at this whole patience concept, it is something I know I will need to work on in the future. I need to just enjoy the time I have now with my Tulsa friends and the time with my family.
For right now I don't have much to say about life, other than working and having a great time with my friends and family before I leave. I am really just trying to enjoy the moments I have with them right now. I'm getting older and the world and my peers are changing right before my eyes. I keep on thinking that this may be the last time I'll get to I'm just letting the present be the present and not letting the past or future interfere with that. But for right now, I am happy with where I'm at.
"There are many things to miss about the past. The only thing that we can do is live in the present and plan for the future" -Aimee Diamond

For your enjoyment I decided to state some facts about Maui that you might not have known about before:

  • Maui is approximately 48 miles long and 26 miles wide, totaling 728 square miles.
  • Maui is the breeding ground for the Humpback Whale, who winters here before returning to Alaska.
  • The average temperature is 75-85 F throughout the year.
  • Approximately 2.2 million visitors visit Maui each year.
  • 99% of the thousands of people who move to Maui every year catch something called rock fever whose symptoms cause them to move back within the first 12 months. (good thing I'll be there for only 9 months!)

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Jared Andersen said...

Nice to see your blog! Keep it up!