Monday, October 27, 2008

Everybody makes mistakes......

As Hotter then Hell is coming closer to show time the crazier things get around here. I've been so busy these past few days but I like it because the weeks go by pretty fast. I can't believe Christmas is already in 2 months! Oh and there's been a change of plan for me in Hotter then Hell, I'm no longer Avril Lavigne but I'm Hannah Montana singing "Nobody's Perfect." I get to wear the wig and everything. It should be fun, I'll be sure to get lots of pictures. The Christmas play call backs were yesterday but I'm not sure who I got yet. They'll probably be posted after Hotter Then Hell, but I'll let you know what I got. As for right now in my life it's full speed ahead with the show this weekend so not much else to report. As for me coming into the mainland I'll be in Phoenix on the 23rd of December, so I'll see all of you then! Love you guys!

Monday, October 20, 2008

2 Months?!!

I can't believe it's almost been two months since I got here! Time is going by very fast which is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because I get to see my family soon and a bad thing is that I'm having a lot of fun being here!
I've been staying busy so the lack of posts is the result. I've mostly been preparing for Hotter Then Hell, doing school of worship, and being involved in the music department at church. I'm still meeting new people at the church so it's still been new and exciting.
Today is my day of which is the reason I even have time to write this. I'm at the Agawa's house right now and they are married in their 30's and have 3 kids ages 8 to 2 months. (No Fronstin's I'm not replacing you!) Pua (the wife) is going to cut my hair. It's been driving me nuts cause it's been getting too thick and I don't feel like paying for it to get done. We'll see how it turns out.
I just posted some new pictures on facebook so you can check them out if you want. God's been so good to me while I've been here which convinces me that this is where I'm supposed to be right now.
Can't wait to see everyone in December! Love you and miss you guys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You are not Hotter Than Hell.

Most of the things Iʻve been doing over here in Maui is getting ready for the Hotter Than Hell production that the church does every Halloween. In case you donʻt already know, the production is a bunch of musical numbers from various bands and musicians like, Justin Timberlake, Rascal Flatts, The Carpenters, and yes even the Jonas Brothers. The point we try to get across is even though these celebrities may seem like they have it all, the donʻt have the most important thing, Jesus in their life. A lot of the acts are artists that die at an early age like Selena and Kurt Cobain. And this year we are going to incorporate Heath Ledger in the mix as the Joker. At the end they give an alter call and itʻs actually really really powerful. Iʻm not sure what part I got yet but Iʻll know 100% tomorrow. I know Iʻll be directing The Jabbawokeez (a really awesome dance crew) and Carrie Underwood so that will be fun. 

Yesterday was our day off and we just kinda cruised in Kahului and got some shaved ice with ice cream, YUM! 

I really love it here. Iʻm so glad God called me to this island. I know Iʻm going to learn so much while Iʻm here. And I hate to say it but....I already feel myself becoming an adult. EEEEP! Donʻt know if Iʻm 
ready for that. 

I love our view we have outside our window. It makes it
all worth it. That and Jesus  :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today was the Hotter than Hell try-outs at the church and they were pretty entertaining if I do say so myself. We all went into the Music room and PC just played random songs and people went up there and auditioned. (which meant just dancing around and lip-singing) It was pretty fun. I donʻt know what part I got yet but I know the production will be a great time no matter what. I feel like Iʻve been adjusting really well to the Hawaiian culture. I even tried some spam musubi which is basically spam, rice, and seaweed. Not too bad. I started School of Worship on Friday and we havenʻt really started the classes but basically just odds and ends here and there. But I already know that Iʻm going to enjoy it. We got to go to the beach on Thursday because we didnʻt have Monday off because of the Prophetic conference. I jumped off a cliff at black rock and Gianna was able to get a picture of it.

Pretty soon a bunch of people were up there trying it too. Also today, Gianna and I went to a Hawaiian convenient store, within walking distance from where we live. And it has a lot of cool stuff over there. But of course I got the same thing I would get in the states, Ben and Jerryʻs ice cream. Thatʻs gonna do it for me. I have to be up by 4 for early morning prayer at the church. Goodnight. 

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prophetic conference= 3 1/2 hours of sleep

Things are going good here in Maui. Tomorrow is the last day of the prophetic conference which I am pretty happy about (this means no more vacuuming and scrubbing toilets) I heading to bed now so I will see you all on the flip flop.

       My breakfast- Chi Tea Latte with a blueberry muffin

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aloha from Maui!

Hello fellow reader,

I am writing to you from Maui, Hawaii. I am in my dorm room in Kula while we have an hour break before we have to go to the church. I am typing in the corner of the room since this is the only spot to get internet. I pray this post goes through because the reception is at one bar right now. Since I've been here I've known that this is where I'm supposed to be. We haven't done much manual labor but the prophetic conference is tomorrow so I'm sure we'll get some then. Gianna and I are all settled in as of last night. And if I do say so myself it is pretty homey. We might even be able to get a TV in here.  It's kinda weird living with 7 other guys (as I just typed that some boy was singing in a really high voice "NAH NAH NAAAAAAH") but it'll be alright. Today we went to Costco and bought some groceries and we just ate some tasty teriyaki burgers. Gianna was even able to talk our director into getting some Tazo chi tea, SCORE! Well I am getting a cramp from typing in a weird position in the corner so I will just leave you some pictures. Laterzzz.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 Weeks....

It is only 3 weeks until the day I leave for Phoenix, then from there I will be going on to Maui on August 26th. It is really hard for me to endure this whole waiting period, considering I've known I was going almost a year ago. I'm not very good at this whole patience concept, it is something I know I will need to work on in the future. I need to just enjoy the time I have now with my Tulsa friends and the time with my family.
For right now I don't have much to say about life, other than working and having a great time with my friends and family before I leave. I am really just trying to enjoy the moments I have with them right now. I'm getting older and the world and my peers are changing right before my eyes. I keep on thinking that this may be the last time I'll get to I'm just letting the present be the present and not letting the past or future interfere with that. But for right now, I am happy with where I'm at.
"There are many things to miss about the past. The only thing that we can do is live in the present and plan for the future" -Aimee Diamond

For your enjoyment I decided to state some facts about Maui that you might not have known about before:

  • Maui is approximately 48 miles long and 26 miles wide, totaling 728 square miles.
  • Maui is the breeding ground for the Humpback Whale, who winters here before returning to Alaska.
  • The average temperature is 75-85 F throughout the year.
  • Approximately 2.2 million visitors visit Maui each year.
  • 99% of the thousands of people who move to Maui every year catch something called rock fever whose symptoms cause them to move back within the first 12 months. (good thing I'll be there for only 9 months!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome and Salutations!

I am starting this blog to keep family and friends in the know who are well, realistically an ocean away. If you don't know already, I am moving to Maui August 26 and doing an internship at a church there. It's almost a month away and I'm excited as ever. I would leave right now if I could. I really just need to live on my own for a while and experience new things that I wouldn't be able to if I stay here in Tulsa, in my comfort zone. I want to be challenged this next year to not only be a better person but to live everyday as a walking example of a sold out on fire Christian. I know it's not where I am that determines that, but I want to do this for God, give an entire year of my life and cast all of my cares onto Him. My journey awaits me.
The last time we will see each other.....
well except in a month when we'll be in Maui!