Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You are not Hotter Than Hell.

Most of the things Iʻve been doing over here in Maui is getting ready for the Hotter Than Hell production that the church does every Halloween. In case you donʻt already know, the production is a bunch of musical numbers from various bands and musicians like, Justin Timberlake, Rascal Flatts, The Carpenters, and yes even the Jonas Brothers. The point we try to get across is even though these celebrities may seem like they have it all, the donʻt have the most important thing, Jesus in their life. A lot of the acts are artists that die at an early age like Selena and Kurt Cobain. And this year we are going to incorporate Heath Ledger in the mix as the Joker. At the end they give an alter call and itʻs actually really really powerful. Iʻm not sure what part I got yet but Iʻll know 100% tomorrow. I know Iʻll be directing The Jabbawokeez (a really awesome dance crew) and Carrie Underwood so that will be fun. 

Yesterday was our day off and we just kinda cruised in Kahului and got some shaved ice with ice cream, YUM! 

I really love it here. Iʻm so glad God called me to this island. I know Iʻm going to learn so much while Iʻm here. And I hate to say it but....I already feel myself becoming an adult. EEEEP! Donʻt know if Iʻm 
ready for that. 

I love our view we have outside our window. It makes it
all worth it. That and Jesus  :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today was the Hotter than Hell try-outs at the church and they were pretty entertaining if I do say so myself. We all went into the Music room and PC just played random songs and people went up there and auditioned. (which meant just dancing around and lip-singing) It was pretty fun. I donʻt know what part I got yet but I know the production will be a great time no matter what. I feel like Iʻve been adjusting really well to the Hawaiian culture. I even tried some spam musubi which is basically spam, rice, and seaweed. Not too bad. I started School of Worship on Friday and we havenʻt really started the classes but basically just odds and ends here and there. But I already know that Iʻm going to enjoy it. We got to go to the beach on Thursday because we didnʻt have Monday off because of the Prophetic conference. I jumped off a cliff at black rock and Gianna was able to get a picture of it.

Pretty soon a bunch of people were up there trying it too. Also today, Gianna and I went to a Hawaiian convenient store, within walking distance from where we live. And it has a lot of cool stuff over there. But of course I got the same thing I would get in the states, Ben and Jerryʻs ice cream. Thatʻs gonna do it for me. I have to be up by 4 for early morning prayer at the church. Goodnight.