Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aloha from Maui!

Hello fellow reader,

I am writing to you from Maui, Hawaii. I am in my dorm room in Kula while we have an hour break before we have to go to the church. I am typing in the corner of the room since this is the only spot to get internet. I pray this post goes through because the reception is at one bar right now. Since I've been here I've known that this is where I'm supposed to be. We haven't done much manual labor but the prophetic conference is tomorrow so I'm sure we'll get some then. Gianna and I are all settled in as of last night. And if I do say so myself it is pretty homey. We might even be able to get a TV in here.  It's kinda weird living with 7 other guys (as I just typed that some boy was singing in a really high voice "NAH NAH NAAAAAAH") but it'll be alright. Today we went to Costco and bought some groceries and we just ate some tasty teriyaki burgers. Gianna was even able to talk our director into getting some Tazo chi tea, SCORE! Well I am getting a cramp from typing in a weird position in the corner so I will just leave you some pictures. Laterzzz.

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Jeanne Diamond said...

groovy set up. you guys are gonna have a blast this year....i can't wait to hear more. keep us updated. it's about time that Hula group of guys get some female blood in there, especially when it comes to shopping! love, mom